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PhostrEx™ Fire Suppression System Advantages

The patented PhostrEx fire suppression system is superior to Halon systems in all respects.

  • More effective—PhostrEx agent is much more potent than Halon. Two teaspoons of PhostrEx agent are equivalent to 2 1/2 cups of Halon. And after stringent FAA testing, has been proven to be 100 percent effective.
  • Lightweight—Because the PhostrEx agent is so effective, the total system can be much smaller than a comparable Halon system. A full order of magnitude smaller. One aircraft turbine engine installation can be protected with an entire PhostrEx fire suppression system weighing as little as 0.7 pound.
  • Low maintenance costs—The PhostrEx fire suppression system is much less complex than Halon systems and is designed to be maintenance-free for 10 years. After 10 years, you simply remove and replace the PhostrEx agent's canister. By contrast, most Halon systems require periodic maintenance. The 10-year, no-touch PhostrEx fire suppression system is expected to offer overall lifecycle costs just one-tenth those of traditional Halon systems.
  • Proven in extensive testing—The PhostrEx fire suppression system has completed a multimillion dollar development effort begun in 2003 to prove the efficacy of the system. It has been tested in nearly 200 actual fires identical to those that might occur in aircraft engines. A Fire Test Rig was designed and built to provide a platform to simulate engine-borne fires.
  • Environmentally friendly—The PhostrEx agent has no ozone depletion potential and contributes nothing to global warming. When PhostrEx agent is released from its hermetically sealed canister, it works in less than one-tenth of a second, combining with moisture in the air and quickly becoming inert. Because of this rapid reaction with moist air and surfaces, the agent cannot be transported to the stratosphere, where ozone depletion could occur. In a fire, PhostrEx agent decomposes 1,000 times more rapidly than Halon, and undergoes three sequential losses of bromine atoms, which are the power behind this agent. These atoms catalyze suppression of the fire.
  • Safer, smaller, lighter, longer-lasting, and less expensive, all with no harmful effects of any kind. Unless you're in the Halon business!
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