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Eliminating fires and Halon—once and for all.

There is a new fire suppression technology that works better, faster, cheaper, and greener than Halon. It is already approved by the EPA and has passed all FAA certification fire tests to date in the Eclipse 500™ jet. This revolutionary fire suppression system is called the PhostrEx agent, and it will debut aboard this revolutionary new jet.

The PhostrEx fire suppression system represents a huge leap forward in fire suppression because it addresses many of the drawbacks of Halon, from system weight to environmental concerns. These concerns, including Halon's ozone-depleting and global warming characteristics, prompted the Montreal Protocol to outlaw its use. The only exception allowed by this international treaty is in aviation applications, and only until a suitable replacement becomes available.

And now it has.

While the PhostrEx agent will have a phenomenal effect on traditional Halon aircraft fire suppression installations, it will also enable protection for new aviation applications such as baggage compartments, cargo spaces, and ground-based firefighting. The PhostrEx agent will also have utility in new industries as diverse as automotive, marine, construction, food service, and even traditional fire fighting—anywhere safe, effective fire suppression can save lives and property.

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